Dental Marketing Expert

Jenn Brown Knows Dental, Which Means She Knows You.

Dental Marketing Expert

Jenn Brown Knows Dental, Which Means She Knows You.

I’m Passionate About My Practice Partners

If you’re dreaming of a way to grow your dental practice without working more hours or increasing your stress levels, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re struggling to create repeatable systems in your business that will bring in new patients, increase staff productivity, explode customer retention rates, and become infinitely more profitable, then I’m here to help!

I’m Jenn Brown, and I’m passionate about helping Dental Practice owners create businesses that serve them, their employees, and their patients in a way they never thought possible.

Your business CAN run like a finely tuned machine, allowing you to start proactively running your business without reacting to every issue that arises. It CAN create deep bonds with your patients and change the lives of those you serve. It CAN support a positive environment and healthy company culture, in which your employees feel happy, safe, and supported.


Jenn is an expert in the dental field, helping to increase revenue and build organizations for over a decade.


Jenn is an incredible business woman who has grown not only her own business, but those of her clients!


Jenn’s marketing expertise has driven over 300 new patients per month and increase current patient conversion by 3x!

Team Builder

Jenn’s goal is to not only educate, but to make sure that your team is filled with all the right people to help you succeed!


Jenn is able to analyze your finances, operations, and processes to see where you’re going wrong, and set it right!


Jenn’s secret weapon is the ability to motivate and inspire her clients and their staff to take practices to a new level!

A new future for your practice awaits

Those are the realities for my clients. I take practices from confusion to clarity. From stress to success. From poor, to PROFITABLE! I create a framework for your business that allows it to operate at the highest level, year after year. You’ll no longer feel the stress of worrying how long your practice might last. You’ll finally feel that excitement of knowing your potential for growth is endless! For the first time in a long time, you’ll feel as though your practice is serving you, and not the other way around.

I’ve been working with practices just like yours for over a decade, and what i’ve been able to accomplish with my practice partners has been nothing short of remarkable. I can help you find success at a level you didn’t know was possible. A partnership between us would mean not only financial security, stability and a reduction of stress, but the peace of mind you feel knowing you’re providing a future for your family, and so many others.

You’re no longer in this alone.

Brown Consulting clients have been thrilled with their decision to outsource their most pressing needs to Jenn and her team. They place their trust in her every day, as she works with them on the key aspects of running their practice.

With a Master’s degree in education, Jenn’s practical problem solving and strategic planning skills help dental practices reach their highest potential. These skills are critical in today’s competitive market, and they trust Jenn and her team to deliver.

Jenn has developed a unique approach for working with her practice partners. She walks with them step by step to develop the systems and processes that they need to succeed, taking into account their specific strengths and challenges. Using her proven methodology, she helps her clients scale, using a cost-effective time sensitive approach.

Throughout her 20 years of marketing consulting experience, Jenn has assisted practices like yours with marketing, business development, and patient relations.Jenn is known for assisting her clients with strategic planning, branding and marketplace positioning, market research, event planning, project management, and developing protocols to enhance employee and patient systems. Her clients are no longer in this alone. They have a long term, trusted partner in Jenn and her team.

Stop hesitating. Start flourishing. Let’s get started!

‘Success waits for no one’ and ‘fortune favors the bold’. They may just be sayings, but they still ring true. Sometimes we get so focused on the day to day that we forget to plan for the future. But this is the single most important aspect in driving your practice forward. I want to be the hand that guides you to the next level. Together, we can accomplish all of your goals. So take action. Click below to start working on elevating your practice and simplifying your life.