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Revenue Producing Dental Marketing Solutions

I help dentists double, triple or quadruple their practice without working more hours.

My systems yield significant new patient growth each month, increased activity levels in existing patients, and
a higher level of care from their staff. My clients are in the top 1% of dental practices. Are you ready to join them?

Your problems were my problems, until I created Solutions

I’ve worked in the Dental Industry for over a decade, and trust me, I’ve seen it all! I know what it’s like to wonder if your business will grow, or even survive. I know the stress of realizing that your employees and family rely on you alone to provide for them. I know the challenge of wondering what you need to focus on NOW to bring in more patients, more revenue, and create a smoother operational system for your practice!

More than anything, I’ve seen the confusion that practice owners feel when they know a change needs to be made, but they’re not sure what it is, or how to fix it.

That’s where I come in! I’m Jenn Brown, and I’m a consultant and implementation specialist for the Dental Industry. I don’t just preach, I practice what I teach! Over the last decade, I’ve turned dental practices into cash flow machines, and have been able to transform their processes, patient acquisition strategies, and company morale in a way that allows them to operate at the highest level day in and day out. When you work with my team, you can be sure that you’re not just getting the training you need, you’re getting the help you need to actually implement change in your practice.

What Would Success Mean To Your Practice?

New Patients Per Month
Practice growth
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Revenue Per Year

Your Business Is Our Business
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Web Design

Stand out in the crowded online space with a beautiful website that shows your patients exactly why you’re the right practice for them.

Traditional Marketing

Great marketing takes many forms. Traditional marketing can be a cost-effective part of your plan that will improve overall results.


When your potential patients need you, you’re nowhere to be found – online, that is. When they need a procedure, you should be the name at the top of the list.

Administrative Training

No matter how many calls or new patient inquiries you receive, if your administrative processes aren’t streamlined, business won’t improve.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed. The same strategies that worked in the past aren’t producing the same results. You need a new way to get patients in the door.

1-On-1 Consulting

Running a successful practice is complex. From administrative, to marketing, financials to training, you need someone who’s on your side.

Is your marketing working for you, or against you?
Find out with a FREE marketing evaluation!

Profitable Practice Partners:

The practices we work with soar high above the rest. Our partners are in the top 1% of practices nationwide. They get more patients, keep more patients, and see their patients more often. They’re cash flow positive, and their teams are running like a dream. What would that mean for your practice?

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