3 Ways Email Marketing Will Be Your Next Lead Generator

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3 Ways Email Marketing Will Be Your Next Lead Generator

At some point, we’ve all complained about the hundreds of emails in our inbox. It’s a fact of life that we receive more emails than we know what to do with. And yet, they keep coming. Why? Because email marketing works. For the average email marketing campaign, you can expect a $38 ROI, according to a research study. For every $1 you spend on your email marketing campaign, on average you will make $38 in return, which is 3,800% ROI. That is an incredible return on your investment, and it makes email marketing one of the most effective marketing opportunities available to you.

You can’t deny that emails are effective! If you’re feeling like your email campaigns haven’t been performing well, it’s possible that you need to spend some time improving your work. Here’s a list of suggestions for easy ways you can improve your email campaigns.

Brush up your content.

What are you emailing your customers about? Is every email you send purely about pushing sales? You may be alienating your list. Sending out promotions is important but try mixing up your content so that you have a variety. Congratulate an employee on a recent promotion, share photos from a community drive your company ran, or send out your latest blog post. Just sending an email is enough to make that point of contact with your base. You don’t need to promote a sale in every email in order to see successful results.

Shorten your emails.

How long was your last email? If it was longer that 150 words, you probably lost your reader after the second sentence! Studies have shown that emails that are 75 to 100 words long are the most likely to succeed. Try highlighting the important information with easy-to-read bullet points or an attractive graphic so you don’t lose your reader’s attention.

Invest in the right software.

Are you sending emails to a list directly from your personal email address? It might be time to upgrade your process. Email marketing software like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and SendInBlue can help you monitor the success of your email campaigns. You’ll have oversight of what’s happening with your eblasts, and you’ll be able to test out what works and what doesn’t. These services aren’t free, but they offer affordable plans to work with your budget and the improvement you’ll see in your campaigns will be worth it.

These are just some of the easy steps you can take to drastically improve the performance of your email campaigns! Need help? Brown Consulting can manage your email campaign software and improve your eblasts. Give us a call today to learn how we can help!

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