Automating Processes, Streamlining Systems Training & Consulting

Most dentists are excellent at what they do. However, a large percentage of them start their practice with limited knowledge on what it actually takes to succeed. This causes far too many practices to fail. Two core issues that contribute to the failure rate is lack of administrative training and ineffective (or non-existent) marketing. It’s not surprising considering that dental education offers virtually no training on these critical topics! I bridge that gap by making your practice an expert on the key factors that will make you a success story, not a failure statistic. I provide you with the training and strategies you need to run and market a successful practice, but most importantly, I make sure that it’s actually implemented into your business. From hiring the right receptionist to patient retention and operations, we make sure you have the steps in place to grow your business year after year, while maintaining quality and stressing less.

Administrative Training

Streamline your administration and front desk operations to increase conversions and simplify systems.


How do you get more done in the same amount of hours? You automate your processes. We’ll help you.

Tracking & Tech

Brown Consulting clients know what’s working and what’s not. Technology has allowed us to track results in a big way.

Financial Analysis

Many Dentists have a love of dentistry and serving patients. Evaluating finances not so much. That’s where we come in.


What does a huge patient list mean if you can’t service them to the highest level? We help you cover all bases.

Team Support

Our clients get full access to all of the experts at Brown Consulting. Let’s take on any challenge.

Administrative Training

Managing your administrative tasks and employees is a difficult task for most dentists. You’re so wrapped up in serving your patients that you need the front desk operations to run smoothly. We assess your current systems, develop a new plan, and train staff in how to execute.

Tracking & Tech

Could you tell us where your last 300 patients came from? What did you spend to acquire them and what has the return on investment been so far? If you’re being honest, the answer is likely NO. We help create the trackable technology systems you need to make educated decisions about your business.


Operations is a crucial part of the success of any practice. However, as a dental practice grows, the operations become more difficult to manage. You spend time reacting, not being proactive in creating the solutions that you need to scale. We’ll help you with every aspect of operational success so that you can reach your full potential and grow your dental organization.


Automation is one of the most important pieces of a growing practice. You need to eliminate time wasting tasks. Anything that is done on a regular basis is a candidate for automation. The more time you save in monotonous tasks, the more time you have to focus on patients and continued growth.


Finances are often one of the most hated parts of running a dental practice. Your love for the numbers is NOT why you got in this field. We get it, it’s not exciting, especially when the numbers are showing you things you don’t necessarily want to see. But they can tell a story that will guide you to lower expenses, increase margins, and create a leaner, more profitable practice.

Team Support

We all have our genius zone. No one person has all the skills, knowledge, or expertise that it takes to run a complete dental practice. That is where our team of expert consultants come in. You’ll have access to professionals in every impact area, allowing you to leverage the time and resources we provide to grow your practice.

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But we get it. It can seem completely overwhelming. Working with Brown Consulting makes digital doable. We’ll take a look at your current marketing, see what needs to be improved, what needs to be added, and tell you exactly what you need to do for success. We’ll handle your marketing needs from start to finish. You can sit back, relax, and smile, watching your practice grow.

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