5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Social Media

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Social Media

Think social media isn’t right for your brand? Think again. With 3 billion people across the globe using social networks on a daily basis, that’s an untapped market you can’t ignore. 

“But my business isn’t retail – I don’t need to be on social media,” you might think. All businesses can benefit from social media! If you’re not already utilizing social media to build your business brand, your competitors probably are. 

Social media accounts are a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to reach the homes of your potential customers. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most crucial benefits of social media and how it can benefit your business. 

1. Improve your brand awareness.

With just a few posts a week, your new social media account can vastly improve your business visibility. Not sure what to talk about? Try anything! If you have products, post pictures of them and try advertising a current sale. If you’re selling services, try posting a review from a happy customer, or show off a finished service that went well. Feeling too bogged down with sales-focused posts? Go rogue and post an inspirational quote, a photo of one of your team members, or a photo of the lunch you bought for your team one day. People respond strongly to businesses that combine sales-focused posts with ones that are just interesting, funny, or motivational. 

2. Create trust by showing the faces behind your brand.

Advertising has changed – it’s not just about glossy photos of models enjoying your product. People today want to see who runs your brand, who packages your products, and who provides your services. Celebrate your team! Thank someone for doing a great job handling a case or wish a team member a happy birthday. It could even be as simple as one of your employees wearing a branded t-shirt or hat. All of these will create human connections between your brand and your customers, and that relationship is invaluable. 

3. Inform your potential customers. 

You can attract a host of dedicated followers by providing interesting information related (or unrelated!) to what you do. If you’re managing a law firm, talk about the kind of law you specialize in, an interesting case you recently handled, or inform your customers about a recent law that might affect them. People are on social media to find things that interest them, and you can attract new followers by figuring out how you can attract their attention. With attractive, branded posts, you’ll still be promoting your business regardless of whether you’re actually talking about your products or services. 

4. It’s cost-effective. 

Social media accounts are free to create, which is why they’re so widely used. You can gather a following simply by posting regularly. You don’t need to spend money at all, which is why social media is an incredibly important tool for businesses. However, if you choose to expand your reach, most social media platforms have extremely reasonable rates for targeted ads. They allow you to start with a small budget, and you can see how it works for you before committing to more. 

5. Engage with your customers.

One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to communicate. Your social media profiles can become an asset and a tool to your customers – they can easily contact you for help with an order, or to ask a question. It’s also an opportunity to show off your customer service skills. Be responsive and courteous and you’ll have loyal customers, and even attract new ones who are browsing the conversation.  

Social media is a crucial tool for business owners, no matter what your industry is. If you need help getting your accounts started or managing accounts you’ve already created, Brown Consulting can help. Contact us to learn how we can create professional graphics, write concise and compelling messages, and handle your posting schedule. 

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