Business Blogging: Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Start

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Business Blogging: Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Start

These days, every business worth their salt has social media accounts (not sure where to start? Click here). The world has changed, and social media has become an incredibly important way to connect with your customers. Blogging is another important way businesses can connect with their clientele. However, there is an important distinction between lazy, promotional blogs and informative, intelligent posts.

But if you can’t be promotional, what’s the point? In fact, that’s exactly the point! By educating your customers, and providing well written, informative content, you are making an invaluable connection. Your customers, and potential customers, will come to know you as a source of knowledge, not merely an annoying, promotion-hungry business.

Below, we’ll go over just a few of the reasons your business should start focusing on blogging.

Increase website traffic.

Every business wants to find a way to attract more website traffic, and once your traffic has hit a plateau, it’s hard to know what else you can do. Your blog is where you should start. Blogging regularly can provide terrific benefits for your website.

If you’re seeing a lot of bounces on your website – this is when a user navigates to your page, and then clicks away quickly – a blog should be your next focus. Informative, well written blog posts and news items give visitors a reason to linger on your website and check out other items of interest. Better website traffic will increase your natural rankings, improve SEO, and provide new leads.

Attract customers by educating.

Not sure where to start? Think about what makes your business unique. Think about what information someone who’s not familiar with your industry wouldn’t know. Think about the most common questions you receive. These are all great places to start your blog!

By providing information that’s freely accessible to your customers, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You don’t need to be promotional – by providing concise, well written blogs, you are showing your clients that you know what you’re talking about. They’ll remember the information they learned from you, and when they need your services, they will know that you are a trustworthy business.

Publish your successes.

Managing a law firm that has closed some great cases? Want to talk about the latest upgrades at your dental office? Sure, you can (and should!) share these in a brief post on your social media accounts. But social media is by design a fast-paced environment, and your successes will quickly be pushed down your page and disappear from memory.

Instead, share these successes in a blog post, and link to the post when you share it on social media. You’ll get dual benefits: your post will live forever on your website, and you’ll drive traffic to the site by sharing the link on social media.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t have any great writers at your company, or are you just too busy to devote attention to writing a blog? Brown Consulting has helped many organizations start and maintain a professional corporate blog. We can write on topics you choose, or research relevant topics to your industry, as well as keep to a regular posting schedule. Contact us to learn more!

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